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At D & T Homes, Our modular homes are built by Cardinal Homes, one of the leading companies in modular home construction.

Each custom-built modular home is made of superior materials by carefully trained craftsmen using the latest technologies in a controlled environment. Your home is protected from weather and vandalism during the construction process. It arrives to your site about 80 to 85% complete, and in most cases is set on its permanent foundation and locked the same day.

Cardinal Home construction translates into significant savings for homeowners because controlled construction saves time and money. Systems-built home construction allows you to plan, predict and control costs through better scheduling and more accurate planning.

Cardinal Homes offers over 60 floor plans in any kind of design. Whether you want a ranch, two-story or cape cod, we can build it for you. There are layouts to suit any building site and room configurations to fit any lifestyle. Each plan is customizable to meet your requirements and preferences. If you have a custom floor plan, Cardinal can build that for you too!
Unlike site-built homes—which only need to undergo the standards of their independent area—you are assured that the materials that go into your house are the highest quality. Systems-built homes have to be built to an even higher quality than stick-built, in order to make the trip from the plant to your house site. Have your home built exactly the way you want it, faster, and with much better quality than typical on-site construction.

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