Western North Carolina has the best seasons out of anywhere else. Our summers aren’t unbearably hot, and our winters usually don’t drop below 30 degrees. The scenery has it’s own beauty and it changes every season.

In the winter, the ground is covered in a shimmering frost, and steam rolls off of the rivers, offering a view that can only be captured in person. This is one of the reasons for buying real estate in Franklin, NC. Some of our homes for sale, like Heritage Hollow, or a vacation rental like Mystic Peakoffer beautiful views at anytime of the year.

Stay warm!

Be sure to have warm clothing for winter in Franklin, NC! It’s important to wear layers, and use wicking material as a base layer for outdoor activities like hiking. Boots are also a must, try to find a good pair of waterproof boots with good soles. Don’t forget gloves! Unless your vehicle is in a garage, you’ll need some warm gloves or your hands will freeze to the steering wheel! Additionally, it doesn’t hurt to have a warm toboggan or hat.

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Winter sports in Western NC

Try skiing or snowboarding at some nearby ski resorts, such as Cataloochee Ski Area. The ski areas offer some of the best views in Blue Ridge Mountains.